Earn more points on Otohits to boost your Youtube views !

Earn more points on Otohits to boost your Youtube views with our private method, we share it with you now, you will be able to boost your views quickly.

Earn more points on Otohits :

Before you start, you must absolutely follow :

Our tutorial will allow you to earn many more points on Otohits in order to get more points on your Otohits account,

in this VIP tutorial we will explain our legal method to get millions of points on Otohits !

This method is very simple !

You need a cheap VPS for this method :

To start our method you will need a VPS Server (Virtual Private Server), an environment that will let a machine run 24/7 on Windows or Linux,

which will prevent you from leaving your computer on all the time, avoid consuming electricity etc…..

To see the VPS Server offers at 1€: Dedigo VPS

Our article which presents the famous VPS at 1€: Cheap VPS server at 1€ !

Why do we recommend this VPS hosting provider for getting Youtube Views ?

Dedigo is: The only cheap web host that wants to break prices and codes!

Stop paying for marketing ! Just pay for the product !

Because it does allow self-navigation and the resources allocated to you are real, unlike other expensive hosts who do not give you the resources you have purchased!

Once you have ordered your VPS server, you will soon receive the login details, connect to the VPS server under Windows (versions you may have chosen during the order).

Once this is done, log into your Otohits account using Internet Explorer on the machine.

Go to the Application tab and download the “Final Version” of Otohits.

Earn more points on Otohits to boost your Youtube views
When you are logged, just click on the Applications tab, and download the Definitive Edition by clicking on the Download button.

Install the application normally.

Once the installation is complete, close Otohits and restart it.

Earn more points on Otohits
When Otohits application is restarted, you need to enter your viewer ID’s.

Restart it and enter your login details, only those provided for navigation in the “Applications” tab of Otohits.net.

Youtube exchange views
This is your viewer ID’s, enter them in the application and launch the application on lot of VPS !

And here you are, with a machine that will turn the navigation for you while being autonomous!

Now earn more points on Otohits!

You can repeat our tutorial to get many more views on Otohits, if your views are profitable in any way it will allow you to have many more VPS servers to get more points!

Share our tutorial so that we can provide you with more tutorials!

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