Find an IP address easily, are you looking to retrieve a person’s IP address? Our tutorial is made for you!

Find an IP address easily  :

Are you looking for a way to retrieve a person’s IP address from the Internet?

What is an I.P address ?

Read this definition on How stuff works :

What is an IP Address ?

Nothing could be simpler, this tutorial is intended for an educational and preventive purpose !

How do I find an IP address easily ?

We will now be able to retrieve the IP addresses of all the people to whom you will send a trapped link, for example through the Grabify site we will create a link to Google :

Find an IP address easily

Grabify for tracking IP address easily.


We click on Create URL to create the trapped link, then we will get this page that will allow us to retrieve the link (New URL) to send to the targeted people and on the possible results if people clicked on our link (Results):


Get the IP address of a person on the Internet

We maked the shorted link, we need to send this link to the person.

The results are quite accurate, with the date, time, IP address of the person(s), Country, User-Agent (Browser and operating system of the person), referring link (if there is one), Host Name and Internet service provider !

Small bonus from us, to locate a little more precisely the IP address of the person you can use the site: Domain Tools.

This short guide is mainly intended for prevention purposes, in which you will understand that you should not stupidly click on all the links sent to you, for more protection you can opt for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that will hide your original IP address by that of the VPN server, our article on the VPN that will allow you to know a little more:

The Best VPN that makes you anonymous.

Also read our article: What is a Firewall ?

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personal and banking safety!

Thanks to our guide you now know : Retrieve a person’s IP address from the Internet.