Get a free Netflix account now and in seconds ! Our trick will allow you to have Netflix for free and without any hassle ! You can watch what you want.

Get a free Netflix account :

We are ready to share this method with you, it requires no payment, all this is done very quickly, you get the Netflix account(s) and you just have to login !

First of all, we would like to point out one important thing : no hacked or stolen accounts are shared, it is a network of generous people, who make their Netflix accounts available to share them with a few people.

The small utility that will allow you to view netflix for free is called Netflix Free Viewer, it was developed by a team from the Netherlands, who provide users of their utility, some small servers so that they can share accounts between users.

They use this application on their computer, simply to avoid robots that constantly share identifiers on the Internet, which can compromise security.

The trick we share is legal in every country in the world, no offence is committed.

How to get a free Netflix account ?

We will explain everything very quickly, it only lasts a few seconds.

Download the utility by clicking here : Netflix Free Viewer.

Once this is done, run the small utility, you should get this page :

Free Netflix Account

At the first launch of the software, we get this page, follow the next instructions.

You will then have to choose a server, which will allow you to have a free netflix account from the chosen area, although this does not matter because if you take an account from Oceania it will also work in Europe.

Select a single server, for example we have selected the “Europe 2” server, which has a total of 87 shared accounts.

Once you have chosen the server, do not tick either of the two boxes, we will explain why :

get netflix for free

We have selected the “Europe 2” server, once this is done click on “View Account Information”.

Once you have chosen the server, click on the “View Account Information” button, once this is done, you should wait a few seconds for the encrypted connection to the server to be made.

After a few seconds, the account information will be displayed on your screen, with the email address and password.

Use the credentials you have been given to connect to Netflix on any device (connected TV, computer, tablet…).

Here is the list of devices that Netflix supports : Netflix can be used on all connected devices.

get netflix for free

Log in with the credentials provided.

Once connected to the free Netflix account, you can watch what you want and without limits, once you have finished watching your series or movie, go to the account administration panel and disconnect all devices like this :

netflix streaming

Click on “Sign out of all devices” to disconnect all devices.

Here, you now know how to have a free Netflix account, we will explain the features of the two boxes you can check on the software.

What is the purpose of the two boxes on the software ?

You must have seen the two boxes with the options: “Use Proxy server” and “Close the application after work”.

The second option is simply to automatically close the software once the identifiers are displayed and saved.

The first one is very useful, because you can use a proxy server to retrieve the identifiers.

Definition: What is a proxy server ?

Imagine that you are on a public wifi connection (Mcdonalds, a school, or a school), you already know that the network is restricted and that connections are filtered, you probably have a ban on accessing Netflix and no other approved sites.

Well by checking this box you will be able to connect to a VPN or proxy server while having your free Netflix account, isn’t it great?

If you want to get a proxy server very quickly use this Proxy Grabber !

It is completely free and very efficient.

Have a good viewing !