How to Hack a website ? You want to know how hackers hack a website? We reveal security methods and vulnerabilities, and we explain everything to you.

How to Hack a website :

How do Hackers hack into a website ?

Have you always wondered about this ?

How does a malicious person get into a website ?

There are several types of attacks and several types of vulnerabilities, that allow these attacks, I’ll name a few:

Security Breach and types of Web-based computer attacks :

Our short explanations will be followed by links to mini articles,

explaining one by one the most common types of possible attacks.

Buffer overflow: 

This is a kind of process bug, during writing in a buffer,

which is outside the place where it should be allocated to the buffer.

Buffer overflow attacks.

SQL injection:

A SQLi flaw (SQL Injection), is one or more methods that allow,

to exploit this flaw, with regard to applications that use a database.

This is one of the best methods to hack a website in order to take,

full control over the server where the site in question is hosted.

SQL injection and its possibilities.

Cross-site scripting (XSS):

The XSS vulnerability is a security vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject code,

HTML and Javascript in poorly secured code bits,

there are currently two methods of XSS attack.

What is the XSS security breach and how can you protect yourself ?

The Exploits (attack by exploiting a security flaw):

Denial of Service (DOS or DDOS) attack:

A DOS or DDOS attack, is a denial of service attack that aims to,

disable a service, in order to prevent administrators from using the service.

What is a DDOS Attack and How to protect yourself ?

So thanks to one of these available vulnerabilities, a hacker can break into a website.

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