How to Hack a Facebook Account ? In our article, we teach you a hacking method that allows you to hack a Facebook accounts !

How to Hack a Facebook account :

Hacking into a Facebook account very stupidly is our article today, we’re not going to break any laws / rules, we’re just going to use Google DORKS.

What is a Google Dork ?

These are simply predefined requests that we ourselves will use to find passwords and accounts already online…

More possible combinations with Google Dorks: Google Dorks Hack

Why write an article like this about the Facebook account hacking ?

To show you how easy it is to hack into a Facebook account, Facebook users do not pay attention to their confidential information, using a simple search engine with search syntaxes, we can find their credentials as a person to publish online, in order to benefit others…

We share this technique with you, as an education, do not connect and use any accounts found on the Internet, these accounts do not belong to you, do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you and take a look at the laws and regulations of your country, this will refresh your mind before making a mistake that can have consequences…

The Technique for Hacking a Facebook Account Using Google :

We go to the website:


How to Hack a Facebook account

We are on the Google main page.

We will paste this syntax into the search bar :

filetype:txt intext:Facebook intext:password


Facebook account hack

Now launch the Google search!

And here is the result, here are the poor people who don’t care about their security:

Facebook google dorks

After entered the synthax, you can get lot of Facebook accounts.

We can also modify the variable as we see fit, try with a Yahoo email address, we will enter this synthax:

filetype:txt intext:Facebook intext:password

This gives a positive result too:

Hacking fb account

Now the results for a Yahoo mail address.

That’s it, it works with any email address!

It’s really very silly as a technique to hack into a Facebook account, but it works for people who use these Facebook accounts dishonestly…

Be careful about your security, read our tutorials to reinforce your security, we can also offer you our services to help you secure your navigation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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