Hack wifi – We unveil the methods of wifi hacking, with WEP, WPA and WPS security! Come and read our article to learn more about wifi security !

Hack Wifi / Wifi Hacking :

You are interested in the methods of hackers, who hack into and introduce Wi-Fi networks?

Have you lost your Wifi security code? Our article is written for you !

Refer to the laws of your country, do this only on your connection, don’t do anything illegal, we won’t be held responsible !

We will now get to the heart of the matter and explain the methods, in order to introduce a wifi network that uses any security protocol, WEP, WPA / WPA2 and WPS !

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We recommend that you read the security protocols before continuing.

Hack a Wifi network with the WEP protection :

Hack a wifi wep connection

The easiest way to hack into a Wifi network with a WEP encryption key is to use, a fairly well known distribution, Kali Linux !

We have already written a tutorial (with a video) for hacking a wep key (yours of course), check it out by clicking down a little bit below.

The video only concerns the part for WEP security.

Concerning the method used, you will first scan the surrounding Wifi connections with it, airodump-ng, then you will simulate a false association with your router or box with aireplay-ng, then you will capture the packets (data passing between the connection and you) still thanks to airodump-ng, so that the handling is much faster, you will be able to perform what is called a packet injection, basically you will simulate fake traffic between the access point and you, in order to get many more packets to decrypt the WEP key!

Once the 120’000 packets have been captured (minimum required for a 128-bit key), you will finally launch aircrack-ng with your capture file and let it work, once finished, it will show you your WEP key in full.

For more details see this video which shows you the steps (WEP only):


Hack a Wifi router with WPA or WPA2 protection :

Hack wifi WPA router

First method for Hack a WPA / WPA 2 network :

Always using the Kali Linux distribution and using the same process!

However, the key cannot be automatically cracked with aircrack-ng,

you need to use an attack with a dictionary, a text file grouping together,

millions of passwords, aircrack-ng will try them one by one to find the right one.

Huge dictionaries are available everywhere on the Internet, we offer you one,

which is this one: 7 Million passwords in a single text file.

Second method to Hack a WPA / WPA network 2 :

A new attack method for networks under the WPA and WP2 protocol,

has recently been introduced, it is the PMKID method.

A few packets passing between the router and your connection,

have a signature called the PMKID, with the PMKID no longer needing to capture,

the packages for a while, it’s almost instantaneous!

Once the packets are captured (with the PMKID of course), we can launch an attack,

of Brute-force (thousands of combinations per second) or a dictionary attack.

The PMKID can be recovered under Windows with the Wireshark software.

Or on Kali Linux thanks to Reaver.

To learn more about the PMKID attack, click on the link.

Hack a router using the WPS protocol :

Hack a router WPS

Nothing could be easier !

The WPS protocol being active on a lot of internet boxes (Free,SFR,Orange and many others…),

this one unfortunately makes an easy target, as you have to consult the wikipedia link that you

explains what WPS is, you should understand what follows.

By using Airgeddon or Reaver on a distribution like Kali Linux, it will brute-force the connection,

using a Pixie-Dust attack, to find the corresponding PIN to associate you with the router or box!

But still under Windows, you can use the same process with the Waircut software.

Except that Waircut, had the good idea to list all the generic PINs that suppliers,

of Internet access have been using for some time without modifying them….

Conclusion :

In view of the danger, we recommend that you use the WPA2 protocol with AES encryption,

by choosing a very complex password with special characters, it will make the task easier,

much more complicated to the person who wants to hurt you.

Many automated scripts that can be used on Kali Linux are on the internet, so you don’t need to,

to get in the head with all the commands, for example there is Auto-Reaver and many others!

Only use these methods on YOUR connection, comply with the laws of your country.

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