How to Hack a Computer ? Our tutorial will teach you the hacking techniques used by hackers for hack a PC, there will be no more secrets for you !

How to Hack a Computer :

How to hack a Computer or how to hack a PC, questions that often come to mind for us, computer enthusiasts…

Before we begin, we will clarify the situation, this article will aim to education and will not in any way encourage you to commit any crime if we publish this article,

it is only for prevention purposes so that you can be aware of the techniques basic hacking methods and to protect yourself against them.

There are several tools/failures to make hackers come to their goal, we will explain the most common techniques….

Techniques using Hacking software :

Remote Access Trojan – Remote Administration Tool :

RAT’s (not rodents), RAT’s (Remote Access Trojan), are tools widely used by

newbies (beginners) who only try to penetrate a few victims, thanks to their Administration Tool

at Remote, he will create a SERVER.exe file that he will send to his victim (which will be detected beforehand

by the basic anti-virus, we will come to it for detection later…).

Thanks to the control panel (Client.exe), it will be able to take control of the target computer, on which

the victim will have launched the application (server.exe), it will be installed on his computer, adding a

registry key that will allow it to start each time the computer is started.

The Pirate will be able to have fun with his victim, recover his passwords, consult his webcam, listen

its microphone and many other functions….

An example of a tool that allows this use, which was not originally intended for this (DarkComet):

Darkcomet RAT

Look at the screenshots we have put on our page that talks about DarkCometRAT.

Malekal will explain in more detail how the Remote Administration Tools work:

What is a RAT or TROJAN?

Keyloggers (Keyloggers):

It’s a bit like the Remote Administration Tool, except this time to hack into a

target computer, the hacker will, thanks to his client.exe or by hand, create a recorder of

hits that it will then also send to the victim, the victim will launch the keylogger and this will be added

a key in the registry to start later.

See on Kaspersky’s website the exact definition:

Keylogger what is it?

The Botnets (zombie computer network):

A formidable army of pc zombies, which will allow the hacker to hack into a computer,

but not just one, hundreds, even thousands, once the computers in its control as a

Remote Administration Tool, (except that a botnet works on a dedicated server), it will be able to put

K.O. a website or target for a long time thanks to the DDOS/SYN attacks it will launch

thanks to infected computers!

Definition of a Botnet.

Exploits / Security vulnerabilities:

Unfortunately, security vulnerabilities are found in some software or applications,

of the Backdoor type for example, this one will allow the Hacker to inject a file, an.exe by

example to send its Remote Administration Tool and take control of the target later,

that’s why you have to constantly update your Windows / OS,

as well as its software and applications.

What is an Exploit?

With these few basic techniques, you know how to hack a hacker to hack into a computer,

make sure you update your applications, operating system, do not search for software

cracked, very often it’s the door open so that you can be a victim yourself!

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