Improve performance on Windows, just by changing the priority of a Windows process ! Earn more FPS on your games, they will now be more fluid !

How to improve performance by changing the priority of a Windows process :

Do you want to change the priority of a process to increase or reduce its performance ?

What will it do for you ?

We will show you how to improve performance on windows and in order to have a faster windows !

I suggest you discover all this in this article.

Six choices will be available to you regarding all priorities

You need to know what a process is: What is a Windows process ?

If you do the manipulation manually and without the famous software, you must know the Windows system processes to avoid making mistakes: Windows system processes.

Know that by doing this, you will be able to gain in performance and improve performance, on your desktop applications or even your PC video games, so you will have a few more FPS (frames per second), which will make your games much more fluid and more enjoyable to play.

If you don’t want to repeat the manipulation every time to save time :

Know that you can use Process Lasso, which will automate for you all the manipulations performed, it will take care alone to reduce the priority of processes that monopolize resources for nothing, in order to allocate you the resources on the application used mainly, this is the best way to Improve performance on windows, the software is available for direct download by clicking here :

Download the Process Lasso software :

Download now the file


Improve performance by changing the priority of a Windows process

Optimize Windows with Process Lasso – In addition to being free, it is fully automated, up to 20% more performance, this is clearly not negligible, we use it personally and we are very satisfied with it !

The software runs on all versions of Windows and is compatible with all applications, whether 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64).

We absolutely recommend it, because it records on demand, which processes will need to be optimized, so it saves time and avoids repeating the manipulation every time.

Optimize your performance on Windows by following these three steps :

Step 1: Open your Windows Task Manager by pressing the following keys: Ctrl + Alt + Delete, a sky blue screen will appear with several choices at your disposal, click on “Open Task Manager”, under Windows 10 you just have to go to the task bar to find the Windows Task Manager.

Step 2: Go to the “Processes” tab to configure them as you wish, under Windows 10 you just need to right-click on the program in question and then click on “Access details” to be able to follow the step correctly.

optimize performance windows

Improve performance under Windows – Access in the “process” tab.

Third step: Select a process and right-click on it, roll your mouse over “Set priority” to access the six choices.

Speed up windows

Accelerate Windows easily by changing the priority of a process !

Now that these three steps are completed you have six performance choices, from these six choices you can choose only one for your program to gain performance.

  • Real time
  • High
  • Above normal
  • Normal
  • Below normal
  • Low

They are all unique and useful, thanks to these six performances you will be able to modify the priorities of the program you want, increase it in order to finish a download faster for example or lower it to be able to navigate without too much rowing during your moments on your computer, it is up to you to find the one that best suits your process by clicking on it then on “Modify the priority”.

boost windows

Boost Windows and your processes by changing their priorities !

Risk: For some processes, this can cause system instability, by using Process lasso, you will automatically optimize the method without any risk.

To get Process Lasso : Download Process Lasso.

By using this software, you will be able to gain and improve performance easily and without any risk for your computer and your Windows system!

Using the software or method we explained to you, complete the questions of the type :

Weak FPS in games, more FPS PC games, my computer is rowing, my computer is slow, my computer bug, a whole bunch of questions asked on Internet forums that are unanswered.

You are now able to Improve performance on windows.

Indeed by using this method you will gain real performances, on the other hand if your computer is too old or infected, it will not change much, if you want a complete tutorial, to explain you how to disinfect your computer completely, we can do it on your request, do not hesitate !

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Tutorial written by: yb (Administrator).

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