Get Bitcoins for Free – Win Bitcoins for Free with this guide !

Get Bitcoins for free with our tutorial without spending anything, we explain how to get Bitcoins quickly and very easily finally a real method that works !

Get Bitcoins for Free :

Winning Bitcoins for free is possible, with a method that we will present to you.

But first we will start with a short introduction on Bitcoin.

What is BTC or Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin, also known as “BTC”, is a cryptocurrency, developed in November 2008 by one or more developers, named under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto“, to date, no identity has been revealed, no one really knows who created this currency.

To learn more about the origin and operation of Bitcoin read this: What is the Bitcoin ?

You want to buy items or other on the internet by paying in Bitcoin ? Spend your Bitcoins.

How to get Bitcoins for free ?

We come to this, to win bitcoins and this for free, you will have to use a web browser, which works exactly like Google Chrome,

we took care to place the download link below, you just need to click on the button.

The download link is located at the bottom of the page !

The Browser, called CryptoTab, allows you to browse the Internet like a normal browser, but also to take advantage of its Mining functionality,

you will mine during your searches to save bitcoins, over 1 month, you can make yourself many Bitcoins !

Win Bitcoins for Free
An elegant design, a perfect ergonomics and a speed to collect the Bitcoins very interesting!

This Bitcoin browser is safe ?

It works exactly like Google Chrome (it is the source code of the Chrome browser),

the developers have taken exactly the same source code (that of Chromium), so that no discomfort is felt.

Your favorites, extensions and bookmarks as well as your history can be imported.

By using this browser, as quoted on their blog, you can increase the mining speed up to 8 times and increase your Bitcoin earnings!

We strongly recommend that you use it as a default browser, it even replaces other browsers very well,

for some time now we have been using this method and if we share it with you, it really works.

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The Download link of the Cryptotab Browser :

Download now the file

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