Boost your Internet Connection and Accelerate it very easily in one step

Accelerate and Boost your Internet Connection may be necessary if you have connection problems, wifi or ethernet this method works perfectly, improve your performance in your video game games, get a better speed for viewing your videos in streaming, we explain everything !

How to Boost your Internet Connection ?

If you have problems with your internet connection our article is perfectly written for you !

Your computer is rowing during your browsing sessions, you have trouble capturing your wifi connection? You have lags or rollbacks while playing video games ?

Our guide will allow you to boost your internet connection and speed it up very simply, follow it, it only takes 2 minutes, no more !

How to speed up your internet connection ?

We will simply use a utility, which will replace your DNS servers with much faster and very reliable DNS servers (those of Google for example).

Boost your internet connection

By using trusted DNS servers with very large infrastructures, it allows to Boost your Internet Connection and thus accelerate it !

First of all, you need to know what a DNS server is : What is a DNS server ?

Come on now, let’s go boost and accelerate your Internet connection !

What should I do to boost my connection ?

No need to make risky modifications that could jeopardize your windows system, as well as its network configuration, you will have to, download the QuickSetDNS software via our link below :

Download QuickSetDNS

Once the software is downloaded, launch the installation, just always click on “next” and “accept”, once it is installed, launch the software !

You’ll get this once you run the program :

Accelerate your internet connection
With the software just opened, we get this page.

You will simply have to right-click on “Google Public DNS Servers” and click on “Set Active DNS (IPV4)” or if your router accepts the IPV6 IP address format “Set Active DNS (IPV4/IPV6)”.

If you don’t know if your Box (router) supports the new standard called IPV6, select the first choice.

Boost your internet connection
Just select the first option to speed up your connection !

Then save the changes by clicking on the blue diskette and restart your computer.

You can now try to test your connection on Speedtest, or you can also test your connection on, you will then be able to see first that your latency (also called PING or latency time) is much lower than before, which is a real plus for your connection, but you will also notice a significant increase in your download and upload speed.

Having done this on our side, we can see that there is a real difference.

What connection problems can be solved ?

Thanks to this utility, many common connection problems can be solved, such as internet connection that row, bugs, poor wifi signal reception, it is also valid if you have a high ping on your online video games.

Improving your ping is a very important thing in online gaming, because the lower your ping is, the more instantaneous your response time will be and therefore the advantage you will have over your opponent.

This utility works as well on ethernet as on wifi, but it works absolutely well for fiber optic users, all internet providers are concerned.

If you liked our tip, do not hesitate to share it with people in difficulty, for example on forums, it can be very useful and in some cases fix problems that Internet users and players may encounter such as, for example, a person who plays video games and has connection problems.

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