Errors detected on Windows Update

You want to fix the errors you get under Windows update ? Do you have errors detected or an unknown error during an update ? We have the solution, download and apply the new patch created by Microsoft and say goodbye to update errors !

How do I fix Windows Update errors ?

You want to do your Windows updates, force the installation of an update that fails and you can’t do it? You have the following message : Some updates have not been installed or another error message with its code that follows.

We have the solution to this problem ! Read a little more to fix the problems quickly and easily with a patch created by Microsoft.

It’s normal, Windows and its updates are a bit fickle, we have at our disposal an official patch from Microsoft, which will repair and finish the blocked updates !

The patch works on all versions of Windows without any problem and can be applied quickly.

It works perfectly on all types of update problems, for example we have tested it on the following Windows Update errors :

All errors detected via Windows update (0x800 errors)

0x80242006, 0x80244018, 0x80D02002, 0x80246017, 0x80240438, 0x80070070, 0x8007000D,0x80246008, 0x80096004, 0x80070020, 0x80070002, 0x80070643, 0x80070422, 0x80080008, 0x80073712, ,  0x80073701, 0xc1900101, 0x800f0831, 0x800f0986, 0xc1900223, 0x80092004, 0x80070057, 0x8007001f, 0xc1900130, 0x8007065e, 0xca00a000, 0x80190001, 0x8e5e03fa, 0x80072ee2, 0x800f081f, 0x80070490.

And secondary errors during updates

0x80070008, 0x800705B4, 0x8007000E, 0x80072EFD, 0x80072EEF, 0x80072EFE, 0x80072F76, 0x80072F78, 0x8024402C, 0x80070424, 0x80080005, 0x800b0100, 0x800f0d80d, 0x80240037, 0x80070543, 0x8007422, 0x80070032, 8000FFFF, 80240037, 8000FFFF.

Your mistake isn’t on that list ?

It doesn’t matter, the patch will fix it anyway, there are multitudes of error codes in Windows update, it also works on unknown errors, we’re not going to list them all, now, let’s fix your error(s) !

Errors detected Windows Update - The miracle fix that works
An example of an error under Windows update quite common, we will fix it !

How to repair Windows Update and its errors ?

To repair the errors detected via Windows update, we will use as explained above an official patch from Microsoft, this should normally work, if however the problem is not solved, you can use the second utility that we will present to you which regenerates the update service completely, but of course, use the first method first.

The patch works on all versions of Windows combined.

You will have to download the official patch here

Download the Microsoft's patch

Accept everything during installation, just click on “Accept” each time, then the next page will open, you will simply click on “Next” again and the Microsoft utility will fix all errors / bugs and problems on Windows update by itself :

Errors detected via Windows Update
Automatically troubleshoot your update problems by clicking Next.

After the repair, we are finally able to do the updates without any problems !

Repair Windows update
Windows update is now fixed !

Problems with updates are always present

You apply the first patch and nothing has changed ? This is very surprising because the vast majority of update problems are all fixed as soon as the patch is applied.

It doesn’t matter, the second solution we’re going to apply, will rebuild the Windows update service, cleaning up failed updates in order to start again on a good basis.

Here we leave on an unknown error on Windows 7

Windows update unknown error
Windows update informs us that it encountered an unknown error, we will fix it !

The second method also works on all versions of Windows without problems.

You will need to download WinupdateFix by clicking here

Download WinupdateFix

Same as the first method, accept everything during installation and you will get this :

WinUpdateFix ready to use to solve the problem !

You’ll just have to check the box “Delete the update catalog”, same thing for “Empty the SoftwareDistribution folder” and lastly check “Delete temporary files”, once these items are checked, click on execute !

A restart of your computer will be proposed to you, accept it and wait a moment for your computer to reboot completely !

Once the computer is restarted, perform your updates and surprise, it works !

Repairing Windows Updates
Windows update repair done, the latest updates have been made !

Don’t forget to set your update preferences, we repeat again, this second repair method works on all versions of Windows.

You can also check the common Windows update errors on the Microsoft site.

If you enjoyed our tutorial and it helped you a lot, please share it and leave us a comment to help us, it allows us to continue writing our articles !

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