Free Proxy - Thousands of free proxy servers - Proxy Grabber

Looking for free proxy servers ? Are you tired of finding proxies that keep disconnecting and are of poor quality ? We have the solution, with an outstanding utility, you will be able to get the best high quality proxy servers for free !

How to get a quality proxy server for free ?

Are you looking for free Proxys servers ? Discover our free method, no more out-of-service Proxy servers that are not anonymous, that keep getting disconnected and that are of poor quality ! Thanks to the utility that we are going to present you, all this is over, you will be able to get the best Proxy servers online, it will find them and test them for you.

The best way to get free proxy servers !

Mastercheat Proxy Grabber, will allow you to find thousands of reliable and 100% free proxy servers, the download link is located just below.

Thanks to the software’s automatism, it will find and test for you thousands of proxy servers on the web, so that you can get the proxies that are right for you.

With Mastercheat Proxy Grabber, you will be able to differentiate between the types of proxy servers, sorted by Country, Port of use, proxy type and whether the proxy server accepts HTTPS (SSL).

Read more on the Digicert website about SSL : What is SSL ?

Mastercheat Proxy Grabber will test the found servers for you regularly, you can back up every proxy server found!

How much does it cost ? It is 100% free, no licence fee or need to take out the wallet.

We have created it to meet the needs of Internet users and have been confronted with this problem, whenever we wanted a reliable proxy server, we have only found unsecured and very slow servers …

Download ProxyGrabber

Presentation of Mastercheat Proxy Grabber

Free Proxy - Thousands of free proxy servers - Proxy Grabber
Free Proxy – Introducing MasterCheat Proxy Grabber !

A Mini video presentation of the Proxy Grabber

No more long searches, in just one click you have YOUR PROXY SERVERS!

System requirements : .NET Framework is simply required to launch the software, it is normally installed on all Windows to date except for the oldest, (Windows XP), if you have Windows XP please install the .NET Framework 4.0.

If you have normally done all the Windows updates, you don’t need to install the .NET Framework 4.0, it will already be present and installed.

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