How to Hack a Facebook account

Hack a Facebook account can be a complicated thing, but thanks to this method, any fallible Facebook account is accessible, don’t trust websites that offer you software that allows you to do it automatically and in a few clicks, it’s impossible !

How to Hack a Facebook account very easily ?

Hack a Facebook account very stupidly is our article today, we are not going to break any laws / rules, we are just going to use Google DORKS to get passwords for Facebook accounts very easily and quickly.

What is a Google Dork ?

These are simply pre-defined queries that we ourselves will use to find passwords and accounts already online…

More possible combinations with Google Dorks : Google Dorks Hack

However and if you wish, you can consult the same methods of our article : How to hack a computer that are used in most cases to hack the password of a Facebook account, in the case of Google Dorks, we have used the simplest and fastest method to get from the phenomenon of insecurity with results already published on the internet.

Why write an article on Facebook account hacking ?

To show you how simple it is to Hack a Facebook account, Facebook users don’t pay attention to their confidential information, using a simple search engine with search syntax, we can find their identifiers that a person to publish online, in order to benefit others.

We share this technique with you, as an education, do not log in and use any accounts found on the internet, these accounts do not belong to you, do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you and take a look at the laws and regulations of your country, it will refresh your mind before doing something stupid that can lead to consequences…

The Technique for Hacking a Facebook account using Google

We’re going to

Hack a Facebook account very easily

And we’re going to paste this synthax into the search bar

filetype:txt intext:Facebook intext:password

Facebook hacking

Start Google search now !

And here’s the result, here are the poor people who don’t care about their safety…

Facebook hack tool

We can also change the variable as we want, let’s try with a Yahoo email address, we will enter this synthax :

filetype:txt intext:Facebook intext:password

This gives a positive result


Hack Facebook

That’s it, it works with any email address !

It’s a really stupid technique for hacking a Facebook account, but it works for people who use these Facebook accounts dishonestly…

Pay attention to your security, read our tutorials to strengthen your security, we can also offer our services to help you secure your browsing, please contact us.

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