Hack a Windows Session by bypassing all Passwords

Hack a Windows session is not very complicated, in a few clicks a forgotten or lost password can be skipped, but how ? We give you a very simple method to crack any Windows login and moreover this technique works on all versions !

How to Hack a Windows Session ?

Hack a Windows Session, bypass authentication, blow up the password, remove the session password.

Forgot your password ? We will explain how to do it !

In the following tutorial we will bypass the log-in system of Windows 7, 8 and 10. This method works on all versions of Windows without problems.

How to open a Windows session without a password ?

I will show you a way to bypass an administrator login, on a computer running Windows, regardless of the version.

For this demonstration we used Windows 8.1, the handling is identical for other versions of Windows.

All you will need is a USB key and Kon-Boot that you can download here :

Download KON-Boot

The utility is also available by burning it to a CD with : Hiren’s Boot CD.

How to Crack your Windows Password ?

Let’s get down to business right now, we’ll take care of the preparations, nothing very long in itself, just a few minutes are enough to prepare everything and get the machine up and running !

Step 1: Download the zip folder containing Kon-Boot thanks to the link above and extract it where you want please.

Hacking a Windows Session

Step 2: Open the extracted folder and you should see :

How to hack a windows session

open ‘kon-boot USB‘.

Step 3: Plug in your USB stick and run the ‘usb_install RUNASADMIN.bat’ file as administrator.

(Make sure to run it as administrator !).

The file should look like :

Hacking a Windows Session

Step 4: You’ll get a pop up saying :

Blow up windows password

(Make sure that the USB stick on which you want to install the bypass on is plugged in).

Click ok.

Step 5: Check that the USB flash drive is the right one and well connected and click on OK.

how to bypass windows password

After clicking OK a message should appear saying that your USB stick is ready.

Bypass windows password

Step 6a: Now you are ready to hack a Windows session, you can plug the USB key into your targeted computer, then turn off the targeted machine with the USB key plugged into it.

Step 6b: Enter your BIOS menu

(the key depends on your motherboard, usually F1 LED F2 or Esc).

Step 7: Access the boot parameters and change the boot by selecting, the USB key in priority, the BIOS menu looks like this depending on your machine.

Delete windows password

Step 8: Save the changes and exit the BIOS.

Step 9: If everything has been done correctly you should get this at startup :

Delete windows password
Make sure Kon-Boot is selected and press Enter.

Step 10: The computer should start normally and take you to the login screen.

Delete windows password

The computer should start normally and bring you to the login screen Select the admin user and instead of typing a password leave the password box empty and press Enter.

Now you are able to hack your Windows session to make all passwords jump.

We also advise you to read our article : How to Hack a computer.

If everything works well, you should now be in your administrative account!

The team is waiting for your feedback, it was a Contribution from : Ninjaleaks.

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