How to Hack a Computer

Come and discover how Hackers do to Hack a Computer and its webcam by reading our article, hacking will have no more secrets for you, discover the most used methods such as RAT’s, Keyloggers, Botnets, exploits and many other infallible techniques !

How to hack a Computer ?

How to Hack a Computer or how to hack a PC, questions that often come to mind us, computer enthusiasts…

So we think of all the hackers and wonder how do they do it? Is it really that complicated ? Well no, don’t be mistaken, we’ll explain it to you in simplicity !

Before we start, let’s make things clear, this article is for educational purposes only and will not incite you to commit any crime, if we publish this article, it’s only for prevention purposes so that you can be aware of basic hacking techniques and protect yourself against them.

There are several tools / vulnerabilities for hackers to achieve their goals, we will explain the most common techniques …

But first of all, you know how the vast majority of hackers make their viruses, trojans, keyloggers, stealers, botnets and worms undetectable ?

Well using an encrypter or a packer that will allow them to make their creation FUD (Fully UnDetected) and we wrote a great article called Crypter Scantime and Runtime, which will explain everything to you in full!

How to Hack a PC with Spyware ?

The Remote Administration Tool

Called Trojan and Trojan Horse, the RAT’s (Remote Administration Tool), not rodents, are tools widely used by newbies (beginners) who only want to penetrate a few victims, thanks to its Remote Administration Tool, it will create a SERVER.exe file that it will send to its victim (which will be previously detected by the basic anti-virus, we will come to it for the undetection later …).

Thanks to the control panel (Client.exe), he will be able to take control of the targeted computer, on which the victim will have launched the application (server.exe), this one will be installed on his computer, adding a registry key that will allow him to start each time the computer is launched.

The Hacker will be able to have fun with his victim, access his files, retrieve his passwords, hack his webcam, listen to his microphone and many other fun functions…

Hack a webcam with a trojan
Using Darkcomet with the webcam activated, sound, screen and keyboard entries can also be retrieved live.

An example of a tool that allows this use, which at the base was not intended for this is Darkcomet RAT, we have written an article about it and look at the screenshots that show you the possibilities with this RAT that we put on our article that talks about DarkComet RAT.

The antivirus company Kaspersky classifies trojans into several categories.

Keyloggers and Stealers 

It’s a little bit the same thing as the Remote Administration Tool, except that this time to hack a targeted computer, the hacker will, thanks to his .exe client or by hand, create a keylogger that he will send to the victim, this one will launch the keylogger and this one will add itself to a key in the registry in order to start afterwards.

The Stealer will simply run on the victim’s PC to retrieve in a few seconds all the identifiers stored on the computer, then send them either by email to the hacker’s address or directly to a storage server via FTP.

Using a Keylogger stealer
Using a Keylogger that has a Stealer as well as automatic infection functions.

This is how all registered passwords for web browsers, email clients, remote login software and everything else can be retrieved, as well as serial and license numbers for your software and Windows.

The Botnets (network of zombie computers)

A fearsome army of pc zombies, which will allow the hacker to hack a computer, but not just one, hundreds, even thousands, once the computers are under his control like a Remote Administration Tool, (except that a botnet works rather on a dedicated server), he will be able to knock down a website or a target for a long time thanks to the DDOS / SYN attacks that he will launch thanks to the infected computers !

Exploits / Security Breaches

Unfortunately, security flaws are found in some software or applications, such as Backdoor for example, this one will be able to allow the hacker to inject a file, an .exe for example to send his Remote Administration Tool and take control of the target afterwards, that’s why it is necessary to constantly update his Windows / OS, as well as his software and applications.

Word exploit
Infecting people with Word documents, yes it is possible !

We’re now going to move to the sample questions just below so that you can better focus things.

How to hack a computer Webcam ?

Well, first of all a question that is asked a lot and we will answer it in a few words, it is about, once the access acquired in the target’s computer, simply access his webcam with a Remote Administration Tool (seen in the first paragraph), the webcam can then be viewed by the unscrupulous hacker, read carefully the first paragraph above to learn more.

How to hack a Facebook and Instagram account ?

To hack a Facebook or Instagram account we can use the Remote Administration Tool method by sending the file to be opened to the victim, but we can also use the Keylogger method to wait for the target to enter his password, whether on his computer or on his phone it’s the same thing, the password can be retrieved and once the access to the Facebook account is successful, we can access the Instagram account without any problem!

But be sure of one thing, you must surely have stumbled upon software that allows you to hack Facebook and Instagram accounts in two clicks? This is totally false, it is an internet scam asking you to fill out offers to fill the pockets of kids needing money, such a manipulation is not done in two clicks and especially not automatically!

A very good advice, be very careful with the applications you install, even those of the Blinds.

What other accounts can be hacked with these techniques ?

All accounts, be it bank accounts, email accounts, social network accounts, but also game platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, and company, it is your responsibility to be extremely careful with the sites you visit.

For a period of time a lot of people wanted to know how to hack World of Warcraft game accounts, the requests were very much in line with trends, to believe that playing these games makes people jealous because they are too good?

Enough joking, don’t download uncertified and unknown software, for example sites that promise you hacks to cheat in your video games, because of them you will lose your accounts, they will be emptied, clever guys will set up fake hacks.

Cheat Keylogger
Real cheat software vendors are functional and we list them just below.

However, speaking of hacking and cheating in video games, there are still some serious cheat software providers like Mastercheat, Worldofcheaters and FUD-Cheat, we tested their cheat applications and scanned them thoroughly – we didn’t report anything abnormal.

As for the other providers, they swindle the users because they are all detected, or else they contain mostly hidden crypto-currency miners, not very honest, one could say…

Because it’s also important to give your opinion, it serves to warn other users so that they don’t get trapped.


With these few basic techniques, you know how a hacker can hack a computer, make sure to update your applications, operating system, don’t look for cracked software, very often it’s the door open so you can be a victim yourself !

If you are curious to know more, check our hacking tutorial category, you won’t be disappointed, however, to support us, please feel free to share our articles, it will help us a lot, thank you for your reading.

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