Repair a Hard Disk Drive easily - HDD / SSD - Diagnosis and Repair

Want to learn how to repair your internal or external hard drive ? Then our tutorial is for you! Whether your H.D.D. is unrecognized, defective or in RAW format, our repair utility can greatly help you repair this famous damaged hard drive.

How to repair your hard drive ?

Is your hard drive having some problems ?

Whether your internal or external hard drive is unrecognized, damaged, defective or if it displays a partition in RAW format, there is a solution that does not require any formatting so yes performing a repair of your HDD without formatting is possible.

Other types of HDD problems can be playback problems, your Windows won’t boot at all, the access time to your files is extremely slow…

We are going to explain and show you, how to repair and diagnose your hard drive, we advise you to diagnose your hard drive regularly, to find the sectors and the defective parts in order to correct them thanks to the utility that we are going to present to you !

How do I repair my internal or external hard drive ?

It’s very simple, first of all, you should know how a hard drive works, we give you some links to inform you more deeply, about how a hard drive works.

Take your defective hard drive or the hard drive you want to test with you !

We will test it sector by sector in order to find potentially repairable errors, in most cases, the defective sectors will be repaired with the utility.

  • Download Hiren’s Boot CD using the button below.

Download Hiren's BOOT CD

  • Burn the ISO file to a DVD with Imgburn.
  • Insert the DVD into your drive and place your CD/DVD drive in priority in your BIOS.
  • Follow the rest of the tutorial.

Hiren’s Boot CD is a suite of software compiled on an image file, which allows, thanks to its utilities, to diagnose a computer completely, it integrates of course other partitioning software and many others.

We strongly advise you to burn the ISO image with Imgburn, install imgburn and click on “Write image file to Disc”, the burning software will burn without any error Hiren’s boot CD :

How to Repair your hard drive
Select the “Write image file to disc” option to burn the image to your CD or DVD.

Once the burning is finished, a message will be displayed, you can then in this case, reboot your computer and enter your BIOS menu, during the reboot press the DEL / Delete key or F10, depending on your motherboard or your computer.

Set your computer’s boot priority on your CD/DVD drive :

Hard Disk Drive Vivard
Go to the “Boot” tab to change the priorities.
Hard Disk Drive Diagnostics
And place your disc reader in the first position using the indicated keys.

If you are in trouble, see this mini-tutorial : Changing the BIOS Boot Order.

Here’s how to diagnose and repair a HDD

Here we are in the final stages, once the Boot priorities are in place, launch Hiren’s boot by rebooting your computer !

This first page will be displayed :

Hard disk drive repair
We will go to the HDD tab and press Enter !
HDD Repair
We will then select the “Diagnosis” tab that corresponds to diagnosis.
HDD Diagnostics
We will scroll down to the very bottom of the list and select “Vivard V0.4” and press Enter.
Vivard loading
Vivard starts, select the Silent Boot mode.
Disk Test Vivard
Vivard’s main menu, select your hard drive by pressing enter.
Vivard remap HDD sectors
Once selected, run a surface test with sector remapping.
hard drive repair
Press enter several times to start diagnosing and repairing your hard drive.

Once all the steps have been followed to the letter, the diagnosis of your hard drive will start, if it finds errors displayed in red, these are faulty sectors and need to be put back in the right places, vivard will take care of them and put them back in the right place so that your hard drive can be repaired.

current diagnosis of our disk
Ongoing diagnosis of our hard drive, no errors for the moment.

The test can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of your hard drive.

(total number of sectors to be tested).

completed diagnosis
Diagnosis 100% complete, no errors, we are happy.

At the end of the test Vivard will show you the number of remapped sectors and if all goes well, your windows or applications that had problems will work perfectly !

A case of a completely damaged hard drive :

damaged hard disk
Damaged hard disk and unrepairable errors.

This type of errors is certainly due to the wear of your hard disk, or to the shocks it could have suffered during its use, the errors displayed “UNC with a red cross”, are irreparable errors, you will not be able to do anything except send your hard disk in a white room to try to recover your data (if it is irrecoverable from your side).

If you liked this tutorial, feel free to share it to support us, by publishing our tutorials, we give you the opportunity not to go through the repair by a professional, which can be quite expensive, do not hesitate to send us your tutorial ideas !

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