What is a Sneaker / Supreme bot and how does it work ?

A Sneaker bot can checkout items in 0.2 seconds, faster than a human could ever compete with. Bots are used for the purchase of limited items online.

What is a Sneaker Bot ?

A bot is an application which allows you checkout products online very quickly. You enter your information into the bot; like your credit card information, name and address. You then tell the bot what to buy, this is done by putting the link or keywords of a product into the bot.

You then either tell the bot which time to start or you can manually start it yourself, the bot will automate the checkout process and buy the item with insane speeds. A bot can checkout items in 0.2 seconds, faster than a human could ever compete with. Bots are used for the purchase of limited items online.

Why do sneakers and other items resell for so much ?

Most of the items that resell are extremely limited and hard to get hold of. Supreme, Jordan 1’s and Yeezys are some of the most resold items on the market. If you see any of these for sale, the chances are they will have been acquired by botting.

Items resell because they are so hard to get for retail price.

If the average Joe sees a pair of Yeezys that are releasing, and decides he wants to buy them, his chances of getting them for retail price are extremely slim.

This is due to bots being so fast and stock being so limited. He would then be forced to go on a marketplace, like ebay, and he’d then have to pay resale price for them.

The resale price of an item can vary depending on how “hyped” a product is, as well as how much stock was released.

It is not unusual for an experienced botter to take 10+ items from one release, meaning that botters will take almost all the stock of a product every release.

How can you start botting too ?

To start reselling you first need to buy a bot. Usually, the best bots are sold out and very hard to buy, this means you’ll have to go onto a market and buy a bot for resale price. Bots can cost a lot, Cybersole and Kodai are arguably the best bots on the market right now, both cost over $4,000 each. There are many markets such as BotMart, Tidal Market Place and BTW Market. All of these are places where you can safely buy and sell bots.

When buying a bot always make sure you use a trusted middleman to ensure you don’t get scammed.

You can also rent a bot before buying one, this keeps costs low and gives you some time to make your money back before jumping in at the deep end and buying one.

BotsThatWork is the best place to rent a bot, they even give you the option to pay extra and get an experienced botter to set up the sneaker bot for you.

Once you have a bot, learning to use it and knowing what to buy and sell can be very confusing for a beginner, botting can be extremely overwhelming.

Bots have many different features, settings and set ups which take a lot of experience to learn.

There are groups which have experienced staff members who tell you what items will be profitable, how use bots, and one on one support and they’re called cook groups.

Cook groups cost a monthly fee, usually around $50 a month.

A cook group isn’t 100% necessary however it does help.

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